Nuralink Ico is coming or maybe in future

Nuralink is a start-up company and is very, very ambitious in the field of neurotechnology, whose main goal is to upgrade and upgrade the most complex organ in the world, the human brain. This large company was founded by the famous company Elon Musk and aims to implant very small chips through surgery on the human brain to defeat mental disabilities and other medical problems. But the company has not yet officially released the Neuralink ico for its token. So fans of this token can use it to pre-sell.

What is the ultimate goal of Nuralink?

Through this chip, humans will be able to use computers and various devices only with the help of their own minds. At the time, this was a science fiction idea that was only imagined and seen in movies, but it has not yet been fully implemented.

Elon Musk’s goal is not just a financial gain to be credited to his account, and he intends to do so in order to do this to humanity. It may have no purpose other than rational money. But this is a fact. If Elon Musk wanted to raise money, he could launch the Neuralink ico and make a lot of money. But this is not what some people think.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk thinks that this chip is like a smartwatch that lands on every person’s brain, but the point is that installing it will not be easy at all. To launch this chip, more than three thousand electrodes must be connected to your mind through 96 thin strands. The dimensions of each of these electrodes are something between 4 and 6 micrometers. These electrodes are connected to a small piece of chip called N1 that has dimensions of 8.23 ​​mm. if we want talking about this issue we can create a few articles. everyone hope can buy Neuralink Ico and help to this project.


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